While Stalking the Officer of My Building

He goes around the building every once in a while just to make sure that everything is alright. Makes sure everything is as it should be. He doesn’t mind getting wet. A little rain ain’t going to hurt. He looks determined. Satisfied even. Another peaceful night gone by. But is it?

While he goes around in the rainy night, up here, we’re all living in our own worlds. She’s watching movies. Over there he’s studying with a friend. And they are getting ready for bed. You see, we are all living in our own little worlds. Are the worlds peaceful? Are they sane? Are they confident like the officer’s stroll around the building? Who knows. He for sure doesn’t. But he’s happy doing his job. You can see it in his stride. He feels good knowing that no matter the worlds we’re living in, at this moment, he’s doing his job and keeping us safe. And that’s what matters. Another day passed and we were given the opportunity to just be in our own little worlds. The officer was given the opportunity to take another stroll around the building, while we were given the opportunity of living, working, breathing, and being for one more day.

And well, I admire that.


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I’m A Goner, Somebody Catch My Breath

So… I moved. I no longer live in a little island in the Caribbean. Now I live in West Virginia since I’m starting my master’s degree at WVU. So yeah, I’ve been QUITE elusive… but I have a valid excuse for this one.

When you are about to move, I don’t think it’s easy to sit down and write about whatever, whenever. There were times I did ponder on what to write, but my stress got to me. Why should I write when I should be packing; when I should be spending time with my mom, dad, cousins, heck! my dogs!! Then the day comes and you’ve got to say goodbye to everything and,  as difficult as it was, I’ve been strong.

Until today…Read More »

Weird, Frustrating Things

Sometimes relationships can be weird, frustrating things. There are various types of relationships. Those you have with a partner, with a friend, with a family member, and so forth. When it comes to a partner, I think I am blessed. When it comes to friends, I think it’s a challenge and sometimes a curse.

I have good friends. They have been there for me cheering me on and wishing me the best in everything I’ve done. However, there have been times when even if my friends are right there… I feel empty. I’ve always faltered with best friends. They’ve been there. They’ve failed me. I’ve been there. I’ve failed them. It’s a cycle really. Ever since I can remember.Read More »

Play WITH It

When I was in music school, my piano teachers always told me that I needed to follow the music sheet. They taught me that a real musician can follow the music sheet no matter what. However, when I got to college, even though I stopped playing I still took a course on Music Appreciation. There, the professor told us that an artist shouldn’t perform reading the music sheet. He explained that music should be felt. When the artist plays, he has to let the music come out of his pores and he or she just has to feel it. My professor told us music is passion, and music sheets simply took away that passion. He said it created robots. And I agree.Read More »

Annie, Are You Okay?

I guess the first thing that pops into your head when you hear a word or a phrase kinda defines your personality, or who you are, or how you think and such. In my case, I always think of a song. It’s inevitable. If you say something that sounds like I song that I’ve heard somewhere, I will automatically sing it or mention it. It’s a part of being me. My friends know this and are used to it by now. They know that if I don’t sing something that was related to what they said, something is wrong. Like I said, it’s a part of me. It defines me. So when you ask, “what can you tell me about smooth?” I automatically hear the Michael Jackson scream and the beginning of his song “Smooth Criminal.” I was never a big Michael Jackson fan. I barely know his songs, only the most famous ones, and yet that was the first thing that popped into my head.Read More »