Weird, Frustrating Things

Sometimes relationships can be weird, frustrating things. There are various types of relationships. Those you have with a partner, with a friend, with a family member, and so forth. When it comes to a partner, I think I am blessed. When it comes to friends, I think it’s a challenge and sometimes a curse.

I have good friends. They have been there for me cheering me on and wishing me the best in everything I’ve done. However, there have been times when even if my friends are right there… I feel empty. I’ve always faltered with best friends. They’ve been there. They’ve failed me. I’ve been there. I’ve failed them. It’s a cycle really. Ever since I can remember.

I have very close friends. I love them to the point where I say “THIS is the friendship I’ve been waiting for! THESE are the best friends I’ve wanted all along.” But then, everything falls back. They aren’t there anymore. Not like before. And that’s when it hits me… just when I need them the most, they aren’t there. And that hurts.

So, these types of relationships are weird, frustrating things.

Yesterday I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. I had no idea what the book was about. But once I’m reading it, I’m absorbed into a world of friendship. For me, the story’s message is on how friends are the best thing one can have. One needs friends. They are the ones who keep us sane and keep us moving forward. They give meaning to our lives, because hey, we want to make the world a better place. So we start by being good with the people we love. No one should be alone in this world. Everyone needs at least one friend to be there. I’ve learned the hard way that it ain’t easy maintaining a stable friendship. That type of fairytale isn’t for me. I got the cruel reality that shows that it’s difficult to find someone to be there for you 100% and someone you can be there 100% for them. It’s difficult to find a Gideon. (Will was lucky to have him, I might add.) And sometimes it’s difficult to be a Gideon.

I have very close friends. I love them to the point where I say, ” It’s okay. You have your life and I have mine.” We’ll always try to be there for each other. Every once in a blue moon, we’ll write to each other just to see if everyone’s doing alright. That’s what we are here for. So it doesn’t matter if you have acquaintances, friends, or best friends. There will always come a time when you WILL feel empty. I guess it’s a part of life. The real challenge is deciding whether to keep treasuring the friendships you have, or move on and find someone else to value your friendship. Your choice, really. You just have to choose what’s best for you.

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