Play WITH It

When I was in music school, my piano teachers always told me that I needed to follow the music sheet. They taught me that a real musician can follow the music sheet no matter what. However, when I got to college, even though I stopped playing I still took a course on Music Appreciation. There, the professor told us that an artist shouldn’t perform reading the music sheet. He explained that music should be felt. When the artist plays, he has to let the music come out of his pores and he or she just has to feel it. My professor told us music is passion, and music sheets simply took away that passion. He said it created robots. And I agree.

When I played the piano, (again, many many years ago) I could never follow the music sheet. I memorized the song instantly. My mind couldn’t process that half way through the song, these little dots over here were this chord. Instead, I just simply memorized it as I read it the first time. This chord goes before this one, then comes this part, then the bridge, and so forth. During classes it was a pain. My teacher would stop me and ask, “where are you right now?” and I could never tell her which specific section of the song I was playing because I only knew it by memory not by reading it. When I performed, I acted as if I was reading, but I never was. I preferred to let the song flow from me. (Of course, if I was less of a nervous wreck my performances would have been a lot better, but unfortunately I was known for my nervous ticks while performing… Aaanyways…)

To this day, I still agree more with my college professor. Music is passion. Music is meant to bring out your emotions, make you feel happy, sad, scared, excited. And music, is to be played with. In a sense. You see, there are artists who play and you know that they love what they do because you see the smile on their faces and you see the way they play WITH the songs instead of just “playing” the song. Here’s an example:

Have you heard of The Piano Guys? They are four members. In most of their videos, two of them are the main performers while the other two I believe are in charge of composing, filming, and editing. The four of them are great musicians. And each and every single one of their videos that I’ve seen has left me with a smile on my face. Their happiness is contagious! They don’t simply play the song, they play WITH IT. They let the notes come out from their pores and they dance it and enjoy it to the max. I believe THAT’S what it means to be a true musician. One needs to enjoy the music. Let it flow!!! Even the most passionate of their songs leaves you with a smile because you know it’s just beautiful. ❤

Here’s one of their performances where you can see their playfulness and well, for me they’re hilarious. But that’s just my opinion.

Here’s another one with all of them. (I think this is my favorite)

What do you think? Isn’t this better than reading the song or what? Of course every musician plays their own way. Some prefer reading, others don’t. It depends on the person. I just like to see people really feel it and enjoy what they’re doing. I don’t know, it just makes me happy this way. Music makes me happy.

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