My ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Dilemma

Winnie the Pooh

The first time I learned what Pride and Prejudice was all about was in 2005 with Keira Knightley’s and Matthew Macfadyen’s interpretation of Jane Austen’s famous novel. Since then, Pride & Prejudice has been my favorite movie, and Keira Knightley my favorite actress. (I’m obsessed with her :3 )

Winnie the Pooh

Then, in 2009 I read Seth Grahame-Smith’s version of Pride and Prejudice, but this time zombies were involved; and who doesn’t want to read such a romantic novel now set during a zombie apocalypse? Am I right? So, I actually saw the movie and read Grahame-Smith’s book before reading Jane Austin’s original work. Yes, in a sense I feel that it was a big mistake because I had such high expectations of Lizzie from what I saw in the movie and the zombie book. Through my eyes she was a badass character all the way through. Yet, when I read Austen’s work, I remember feeling disappointed that Lizzie wasn’t as badass as I had thought she would be. I mean, Pride & Prejudice being my favorite movie and all, I know many of the scenes by heart, and finding out that my favorite quotes weren’t actually said by Elizabeth Bennet. Ouch! So I’ve always had this frustrating love/hate towards Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Winnie the Pooh

Theeeen, comes the MOVIE of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I admit this was a process for me. When I saw the fist trailer, first it was: “Lily is ‘bad acting’! I mean look at her! The fight scenes look too exaggerated! Why did you cast Cinderella to be a badass Zombie apocalypse warrior Elizabeth Bennet?! Why would you do that?” Then I kept softening to it: “I mean, it looks like it might be a good movie, even if the cast does seem a bit funky.”

Winnie the Pooh

Finally, the day came. I told my boyfriend that I HAD to see it once it was released because I needed to know the outcome. After watching it, I had to digest it. I mean, there were three different versions of Elizabeth Bennets in my head, adding a forth one would take a lot of comparing to do. My boyfriend then asked me what I thought, the moment of truth came in, DID LILY JAMES PASS THE TEST? Did she do a good job or was it still bad acting through my eyes? I concluded that she did pass the test. I felt that PPZ’s Lizzie was a mixture of all the previous Lizzies that I had in my head. The way I saw it, they combined the badass Lizzie of the PPZ book and P&P the movie, while still maintaining Austen’s Lizzie. (That’s just the way I see it.)

As to following the story, at first I thought that the movie was way too fast paced. We weren’t even half way through and already Lady Catherine de Bourg was all up in Lizzie’s face. I was really confused. But as the movie progressed I understood why.

Winnie the Pooh

As to Mr. Darcy, my boyfriend and I couldn’t ignore the Batman voice.
WeWinnie the Pooh were a bit confused as to why that was. The acting was great! But why the Batman voice? We just laughed it off, because I really really loved the way he portrayed Mr. Darcy. I think it was quite spot on. Oh, and my bf said he was like Kylo Ren with his hilarious tantrums. I agree. (You’ll see why!)

So overall, I really loved the movie. It’s unfortunate that most of the reviews I’ve read so far say that it was a dull or boring movie that did not live up to the “zombie lovers'” expectations. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but it’s a bummer, because I thought the movie was interesting and fun, and was going to be a real success. But apparently others don’t think the same.

In the end, yes, it’s a bit frustrating to have so many Elizabeth versions in my head but I love them anyways. (Imagine if I saw the 1995 movie! That will be another headache… so for now I’ll stick with four.) Of course, no one will beat Keira Knightley! ♥ For me, she’s the true Elizabeth Bennet no matter what people tell me.

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