Play vs. Movie: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

After four years as an English major and lover of Shakespeare, I can finally say…

Achievement Unlocked!!! ★★★

Last week I finally read A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I also watched the Michael Hoffman’s 1999 movie version of the play.


As to the play, well, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t as humorous as other Shakespeare comedies I’ve read so far. I did not laugh as I did with Twelfth Night, for example. In this one the satire is comical yet not my HAHAHAHA type of comedy. However, the fantastical setting is great! You get wrapped in this fairy world of love, hate, jealousy, chicanery, and so forth which is quite amazing. I found king Oberon quite mischievous and admit that I got genuinely pissed at him for being such a childish and egoistic king. I did not like what he did to Titania AT ALL. Damn you, Oberon! That’s no way to treat your queen! Anyways, it was a fun read, a bit confusing, but once you got the hang of it it was quite magical.

MidsummerAs to the movie, I believe it was hilarious. It brought forth that HAHA spark that I was lacking while reading it. Kevin Kline made and EXCELLENT Bottom and Stanley Tucci made and EXCELLENT PUCK. Also, Rupert Eveett reenacted a Oberon  bit more gentle but still as mischievous. All in all, I believe the actors reenacted the play quite humorously and dexterously. It was really fun to watch it and laugh at their misfortunes (except Titania’s of course -_-).

In both the movie and play, I have to say that my favorite character was Puck. He was such a nosy sprite, so mischievous and in the movie one could Midsummerdefinitely see his sarcasm and jests. I loved the character and I LOVED Stanley Tucci! Every time his fairy-like bell jingles sounded I cracked up. He was hilarious. And the random addition of bicycles in the movie was like a “What the heck!?” mixed with a little bit of “LOL.”


Overall, I’m just happy that I’ve FINALLY read one of Shakespeare’s most fantastical and famous plays, but if I’d have to choose… I think the movie’s randomness won my interest the most. 🙂

Until our next time,

Adieu 😉


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