August Blogging Challenge: Day 31

Day 31: 50 word limit to write your farewell.

Well guys, it’s been an amazing run. I’m thankful to everyone who supported me, especially my cousin and my sister-in-law, they backed me up 100% and you can’t imagine how thankful I really am. #31dayswithdemi was entertaining and delightful, and I’m just happy that we could do this. Thank you all! ❤

Since this will be my last challenge post, I would like for my readers to like or comment your thoughts on the challenge. Did you find it as entertaining as we did? Please let me know. This challenge pushed me to write on the daily even if it was just a few words and I’m really happy for that. I hope that now that I’m all warmed up I’ll keep writing on the weekly or something because I love how this blog is developing and I don’t want to let that go.


Thanks again, my friends! Couldn’t have done it without your support!





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