August Blogging Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Write a timeline of your day.

5:00am: Turned off my alarm instead of hitting the snooze button.

5:50am: I woke up late.

6:30am: I was out and on my way to the university.

7:15am: I was at the student center working on my presentation due the next day. (Yikes)

9:30am: Had a reunion with a professor.

11:00am: Had a second reunion with another professor.

12:00pm: I was finally on my way home.

1:00pm: I was home having lunch (Chicken Alfredo pasta, yummm 🙂 )

1:30pm: With a happy belly I was knocked out cold until 4pm. (*Cue in a very frantic Demi*)

4:05pm: I showered.

4:30pm: Started to work on my homework.

6:40pm: Started working on updating my blogs.

8:10pm: Started working on my presentation once again. (*tears*)

10:05pm: Printed out my homework.

10:15pm: Started packing my book bag.

10:30pm: Finished packing my stuff and finished preparing everything for tomorrow.

10:40pm: Published this post.

11:00pm: Good Night.

What a day.


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