August Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Which is your best physical feature? Why?

Well… ♫ “let’s get physical, physical”♫ Haha, so most people would say my boobs. But let’s leave that right there, because for me, my best feature is my smile. My smile is what genuinely makes me, me. I believe it truly presents the best of me. True, I may have big teeth (yes, I’ve been called a squirrel before) and I know I don’t have pearly whites, but my smile is genuine and I love it. This is because I know that a smile is a powerful thing. A simple smile can help others as well as one’s self. I’ve learned that sometimes when one is having a very difficult day, all it takes is a little smile to help you feel better and feel that everything will be okay. So I guess that’s why I smile away! 😀

*Cue in Avril Lavigne’s song, “Smile“*

Mean Teddies


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