August Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Write about something fun that happened today.


PLOT TWIST!!!!!! Today’s Challenge will be answered by both me & my boyfriend! 😀

Demi: Well today it was actually fun to make my boyfriend write his own paragraph of something fun that happened to HIM. He’s very shy when it comes to writing, so I made him sit down and write down what came from the top of his head. He wanted me to edit his errors or anything I saw out of place, but of course these things are personal and quite frankly I thought it was fine just as it was. In the end, watching him, so focused, as if on a mission, just to write his version of fun was priceless for me. 🙂 ❤

BF:  Monday, who wants to work on a Monday? but nevertheless today was weird with the result of FUN. I got inspired by listening to music while working, got home as fast as I could, and quickly settled up everything to paint. The paint’s smell, PAINT in my fingers, paint everywhere FINALLY “free”. Fun did not end there, later in the day at Demi’s house, first being with her is always fun, and secondly playing fetch and bothering her dogs trying to eat their noses or  pulling their legs is always lots of fun.


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