August Blogging Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Today’s rant.

My rant for today might seem a bit confusing and/or funny to some, but my rant was actually about starting the semester. I kept telling my parents and my boyfriend how unfair time was being with me because I really really really want the semester to begin. No, it’s not because I’m bored or because I miss my studies. I actually want it to start so it can finally finish. Weird, right? You see, this is my last semester. We’re talking about five more months and then, hopefully, I’m done with my bachelor’s degree! I mean who wouldn’t want to fast forward that!

So today I kept barking about time and months and classes and so forth, anxiously saying “C’mon semester!! Hurry up ’cause I want to finish already!!!!” 😛 Silly rant? Yes. But the important question here is to ask if I was really annoying by ranting about it, and well, according to my parents and boyfriend, their answer was “DEFINITELY ANNOYING!!” xD But hey! It’s not my fault time is torturing me so and making me rant about it. 🙂



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