Ask Goofy About Sleeping

Ever since the 1920s there have been Disney animated shorts with Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and so forth. To this day, many of them are still as hilarious as they were back then when they first came out. I personally enjoy Goofy’s shorts and there’s one in particular that I completely identify with.

In 1953, they released Goofy’s short “How to Sleep” and quite frankly I feel as if it’s a representation of my life. The short focuses on how there are some people who overwork themselves during the day and by the time they get home to sleep, well, they can’t.

As Goofy, or “Dave” in this short, I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I dream a lot, my subconscious is always running a 100mph (Talk about “STAMPEEEDE!!”), I move around, I wake up a billion times, and after 21 years, as in the short, it took “science” (that is, medication) to finally get me to sleep.

In a previous post, I mentioned about my anxieties. Well, that is mainly one of the reasons I can’t sleep well. Just like Goofy’s seismographic chart machine, my own is always working up scenarios until it blows up and I wake up once again. For example, in one week classes start once again. Anxious as I am, I’ve already thought/dreamt up at least 10 different scenarios of how the semester might start, progress, and end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually excited for this new semester, but the anxiety sometimes overlaps the excitement. I mean if summer was harsh, and I mean HARSH, I could only imagine how the semester might unfold. But hey, a little breathing in, a little breathing out, taking it one day at a time, and I’ll get through with it. I know I will. I just have to tell that to my subconscious while I sleep.

So the first time I watched this Goofy short it was an eye opener for me. It was fun, it was realistic, it was kinda my everyday life. Sometimes we don’t realize what we’re going through until we see it in someone else or if someone else tells us about it. In my case, I had to see Goofy’s chart explode to remember that I’m not the only one who stressfully battles with sleep. And in a way, that’s a relief. Thanks to Goofy I guess I can just keep moving forward and just be thankful to “science” for helping me get the sleep I need because this is my last semester, and I am DEFINITELY gonna need it, wouldn’t you agree?

Until our next time,

Adieu 😉


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