Yes to Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

For two years, I had Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare Star Wars trilogy stored away in my book shelf. For. TWO. WHOLE. YEARS. And this week I’ve finally read them.


As my years in college have passed, I’ve grown to be a Shakespeare fan. Although I haven’t read each and every single one of his works and don’t know each one them word by word, I still love them. Star Wars on the other hand, was something that I grew up with because of my father. He loves the Star Wars movies and although I enjoyed them, I didn’t pay much attention until my boyfriend came into the picture. And well, he’s a Star Wars fan. A BIG ONE.

WSSWAlthough I’d been tempted many times before in reading that galactic world of Shakespearean Star Wars, I never got the time. Between my studies and my laziness, I just didn’t pay much attention to them.

And what a mistake I made.

WSSWSo after reading the William Shakespeare Star Wars trilogy I was blown away with Doescher’s brilliance. His work is witty, it’s captivating, and it’s simply genius! The fact that Star Wars has so many similarities and analogies with Shakespeare’s works just blew me away. Once I finished the first one, I quickly told my boyfriend, “WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS SOONER?!?!” He just laughed at me and said “I told you so”.

Overall I enjoyed the books and I love the artwork they present. But what attracted me the most was Doescher’s genius way of playing with the Shakespeare language and style. And every time I found a reference that I could recognize from a play I would leap with joy because I remembered where that quote came from. (I mean, recognizing a quote, knowing which play it’s from, and knowing who exactly says it was the best feeling in the world for me. It felt like, “Hey, I ain’t doing that bad as an English major after all.”) Also, the fact that R2-D2 represented the fool all along was mindboggling. In Shakespeare’s plays the fool is always the wisest, and here it’s also true because R2-D2 was always there to help the other fools! HA! Badass R2!!! Oh! And Yoda’s speaking in haikus! (Which I happen to love) I mean c’mon!! This was amazing! I enjoyed every single page of these books. There are quotes which I will definitely hang on to for the rest of my life thanks to Ian Doescher, and I admit that I can’t wait to buy and read the WSSW Prequels!

So kudos, Mr. Ian! You’ve made this young lady a very happy camper. You’re a genius and I really hope that one day I can do some awesome work as you’ve done.

You can check out his website at: 😉

May the force be with you all.


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