Cats vs. Dogs: Forever the Biggest Example of Frenemies

Cat vs Dog

I’ve always been a dog lover and my partner has always been a cat lover. At the beginning of our relationship we always quarreled about which one was the better pet. After seven years together, I can proudly say that he’s learned to love dogs and I’ve learned to live with cats, but sometimes we still have our quarrels about which one is better.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Grimm Brothers were funny and witty, (and gruesome! as my mother exclaims) in their own way. And as to why dogs and cats are such enemies, well, they decided to write a short story explaining how such rivalry began in the first place. You see, before, dogs and cats were “on most familiar terms.” They considered each other brothers and sisters. This was until the dog asked the cat for a favor, which with time the cat completely forgot about. Of course there are various versions of the tale, but the Grimm’s is a very random and humorous one, which I happen to love because it’s such a realistic interpretation of relationships overall. People will always want something from you, and if you fail them, you are forever marked.

Cat vs Dog

Of course, I can’t make such cruel generalizations. I mean, there are people who forgive and forget. There are people who forgive, but never forget. There are people who seek revenge. There are people who seek peace. So in the end, I believe that cats and dogs represent that there is such a thing as an enemy, or a frenemy, or a love-hate relationship with a person because just like the story, we’ll always search for someone to blame and hate, when instead we should be accepting our faults as the imperfect human beings that we are. Instead of blaming we should be accepting help and support from others. Don’t you think?

So next time something goes wrong, don’t go pointing fingers and accept your mistakes. Don’t be like the dog and quickly blame the cat, and don’t be like the cat and quickly blame the dog. Accept your faults. I know it’s a tough one, but hey! We’re all humans and as the saying goes: “To err is human.”

So, Accept. Your. Faults.

Until our next time,

Adieu 😉


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