Did You Know There’s A Medical Condition Called Laziness?

I'm Lazy pin

As many of us know, the Brothers Grimm have written and rewritten hundreds of tales. From the classics like, “Cinderella,” “Rapunzel,” and such, to really random stories that range from the comical to the gruesome or depressing. The brothers also wrote a variety of tales about laziness, and quite frankly I have been identifying the most with those tales all through summer. In The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm translated by Jack Zipes, there is one particular story titled “The Lazy Ones”. It’s a very short read and it involves three brief scenarios of lazy people competing to see which one is the laziest. The first scenario reads as follows:

Three lazy companions decided to make a bet with one another to decide who was the laziest among them. The first one said, “If food is placed on the table in front of me, I can’t bring myself to eat it.”
The next said, “Well, even if someone stuck the food in my mouth and chewed it for me, I could not bring myself to swallow it down.”
The third one was so lazy that he could barely open his mouth. However, he said, “Oh, how can you even talk!”
And they all agreed that this one deserved to win the bet.

Summer usually is the time to rejuvenate, to have fun, and be adventurous. It is the time of road trips, and hang outs, and going to the beach, and traveling. Well, my summer has been quite the opposite. I have found myself like the three lazy companions: barely moving out of my bed. True, I’ve had my reasons, but I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a lazy potato.

Gumball Laziness

My summer was supposed to be for reading, writing, and researching about the many things I am interested in. Unfortunately though, it’s July 3rd and I’ve only read three books, two plays, and done zero research. The laziness has consumed me and like the third companion I sometimes find myself questioning how the heck can the people around me talk, or in my case, move! I’ve been tired and lazy, but apparently it seems that ever since the 19th century, and even before that, laziness has definitely been around and predominant. So with the various tales of laziness that the Brothers Grimm have recorded, I don’t feel THAT bad for being a lazy potato all summer long.

I know that not being active ain’t good for our health, but hey, after four years in college studying and working non-stop, I feel that I deserve a month or two to be lazy and inactive. So I guess that this year the deadly sin has consumed me and will not release me from its clutches until August when classes begin once again.

So if you’re like me and have succumbed to the deadly sin of Sloth or Gluttony, well, I’m here to tell you that it’s A-OKAY. Laziness has been around from (the beginning of time perhaps?), and many have written about the constant laziness of people, therefore, you’re no alien for being lazy. And since it’s summer, if you are free from school, college, or are taking your vacation from work, by all means, BE LAZY. You deserve it. Sometimes we overwork ourselves living life day by day worrying about the next day and about things that have not happened or might not even happen. We exhaust our body and our minds and forget to just be. I strongly believe that at least once a week or once every two weeks, we all have the right of taking a day to do absolutely nothing. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever it is we personally enjoy.

So go be lazy, people. You’ve earned it!

Lazy corgi gif

Until our next time,

Adieu 😉


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