Bound By Anxieties


The Her Campus Guide to College Life says that “According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affect approximately 18 percent of adults ages eighteen and up, meaning it’s not uncommon among college-aged women”.

Well today a friend of mine sent me this Huffington Post article titled “15 Things Anyone Who Loves A Woman With Anxiety Should Know” by Emma Gray, and for the first time I realized that my anxieties are worst than I thought. And for the first time I realized that’s okay.

I’ve always admitted about my stress and anxieties in order to avoid vicious judgement. (Just like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, only with my anxieties instead of my weight) I mean, I know how I am. I know how annoying it is to listen to a person rant and worry hysterically about something that has not and might not even happen. I know how I am. I know it’s difficult to listen to a person create so many “what if” scenarios that one would even question how that’s even possible. I KNOW. But it’s not like I (or any other person with anxieties) do it on purpose. It’s just our way of being.

As Emma Gray wrote, anxiety really IS consuming. Imagine a hamster on a hamster wheel that just keeps running and then spinning and spinning and spinning until it eventually passes out. That’s our every day lives. Waking up with millions of thoughts, worries, and insecurities only to go do bed with triple the amount. That’s just how we are. We are not crazy, we are not stupid, indeed we are emotional wrecks (at least I definitely am), but we’re not some weirdos with unknown conditions. We are people just trying to deal with our way of being.

I know I’m a difficult person. I know it’s not easy to befriend a person who keeps worrying and nagging and crying.  But just take a minute and imagine being that person! It isn’t something easy to deal with, you know. To have your friends constantly roll their eyes just because you are being you. Or even worse, to have your own family members roll their eyes at your constant anxieties.

So yes, in the end it’s really difficult to be this way. But thanks to Emma’s article I’ve realized I’m not the only one in this situation and that is actually a relief. There are many people just like me and that’s great!!! So it’s okay if I cry for no apparent reason, and it’s okay to be tired just because I over think every single detail, say, in an email for example? It’s okay!!!! Everything’s okay because I’m just being me. And as hard as it is sometimes, it’s refreshing to know that eventually everything will be alright.

If you are someone with anxieties or if you love someone with anxieties, I invite you to read this article. It’s definitely worth the read. 🙂


Until our next time,

Adieu 😉


2 thoughts on “Bound By Anxieties

  1. I feel the same way. My mind is in constant action consuming every part of my being. Always over thinking stuff that maybe will never happen and definetly the part about crying and being hysterical for no aparent reason its sadly true and it can’t be controled sometimes. We are very emotional beings who absorb other peoples emotions and make them our own. This could be very frustrating but at the same time its what makes us human after all. Best thing we can do is stick to those who are always there for us and evn though their not going through what we are, they have compassion and patience, but best of all LOVE. Keep your positive thinking Demi! Your are the sweetest and humblest person Ive ever met and thank you for the article it really helps 🙂 lots of love -Monikiki

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