Society’s Expectations

Not pretty enough

Today I read a blog post created for a media course titled “Because I Am: Societal Gender Expectations”. The post presents various females that did not “fit” society’s standard expectations. Sincerely, I admit I felt identified and for this reason, wanted to comment on the whole situation.

As a young woman, society expects me to pursue jobs that are women-oriented, expects me to have the proper body size, expects me to wear proper clothing, and expects me to have the proper relationship with my partner.

Well then, according to all of these expectations, I’m a fuck up as a woman. I’m studying to pursue a normal, unisex job, I am overweight, I do not wear the proper clothing a young woman should, and most of all, I am not in the proper relationship since my boyfriend does not  “provide” for me. I do not plan on having children in the next seven or eight years, I don’t cook, I don’t keep my house spotless, and quite frankly, I don’t want to give a damn anymore.

So what if I’m overweight? Every day I body shame myself because I’m not one of those stick figures that society accepts, and that’s not fair. So what if I don’t wear dresses every single day? T-shirt, jeans, and Converse are quite comfortable. Why should I walk around feeling self conscious of my dress and sandals when I am perfectly comfortable with my Converse All Stars? So what if my boyfriend does not provide or maintain me? TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, MATES! I can take care of myself! I don’t need to wait until my boyfriend is able to support us to then study my butt off to acquire a degree and pursue my dream job.

Usually, I don’t give a damn about these posts about women and society’s standards, but this one really hit me. I mean, for years, I’ve been learning to get over the insecurities and just be. I won’t lie, many of them are still there. But it doesn’t mean they’ll be there forever. I’ve learned to be who I am. I don’t need society to tell me if I’m right or wrong. So, I’ve come to shut down society and ignore their views all together. Yeah, I rant and bark at the stupid things I see daily, but I keep walking, ’cause I doubt society will make my future boss stop paying my bills just because I use Converse instead of sandals. I don’t need to please society in order to be happy with myself and pursue my goals. Fuck no! I don’t need to please society in order to be who I want to be. Period.

So peeps, I really encourage you to read the blog post. It’s a real eye opener for everyone. Here’s the link.

Until our next time, my friends.

Adieu. 😉


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