In this Case, A Happily Ever After Is A Lie


For the past 7 days, I have been blogging about different fairy tales and the various versions that have been recorded of each one. I have been exposing Disney and his sugarcoated films so readers can learn about the famous fairy tale versions that have been collected by storytellers and folklorists throughout the generations.

I have to admit this has been an awesome experience. 🙂

Some people believe that Disney’s films present the original versions of the fairy tales. Boy, were they wrong! It was fun and fulfilling to present the truth behind our fairy tales. You see, fairy tales are extremely gruesome! They’re twisted! They have unfortunate characters full of envy and malice. They have curses, poison, and death. For example, Little Red Riding Hood is eaten by the wolf, the Little Mermaid sacrifices herself for the prince, and Sleeping Beauty is raped, for God’s sake! Don’t these gruesome events make you wonder, what the heck was wrong with those story tellers? I mean, these stories are not suited for children. It’s pretty disturbing, don’t you think? But, I guess this is how things are. These are the traditional stories that we’ll carry throughout our lives. Therefore, it has been my duty to present to the readers the different fairy tales other than Disney’s. I believe it’s everyone’s right to know what really happens in these tales. It’s not just about the sugarcoated events, it’s about much more.

The following are the seven fairy tale blogs I’ve posted:
Introduction: Fairy Tales Minus the “Spoon Full of Sugar”

  1. “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”- “Little Red Riding Hood”
  2. “Who is the fairest? Tell me who!”- “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
  3. The Sweetest Story Ever Told 700 Times- “Cinderella”
  4. I Know You, I Slept With You Once Upon A Dream- “Sleeping Beauty”/
  5. Under the Foam of the Sea- “The Little Mermaid”
  6. Tale as Old as Time… Say, the 2nd Century?- “Beauty and the Beast”
  7. This Princess Makes A Deal With A Frog. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.- “The Frog Prince”

I’ve learned a lot from this project. I’ve been able to review the things I knew and learn a lot of new things along the way. I’ve enjoyed sharing these stories with my readers. And, I plan to keep researching and continue my work on fairy tales because there’s a really long list of stories that need to be revealed. I probably won’t be able to post a fairy tale every day, but maybe every week or so I can continue with these blogs so people can learn more about fairy tales.

I thank you all for the views!!

(Don’t worry, this is not a goodbye. I just have to post a conclusion of the project for the course I’m taking. No biggie. I’ll write soon enough!)

Hercules goodbye

Well, until our next once upon a time… Adieu 😉


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