Fairy Tales Minus the “Spoon Full of Sugar”


Today, most people are familiar with fairy tales thanks to Walt Disney’s animated feature films. Almost everyone knows the stories of “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and so forth.

What many people don’t know is that these animated features are only based on the stories and do not represent the “original” fairy tale versions. This is because, one, fairy tales have been modifying since before the 1600s. So they’re basically retellings, of retellings, of retellings, and many of the stories don’t even have an original version found yet. And two, it’s because Walt Disney’s primary audience are children. Hence, they sugarcoat the famous fairytales in order to make them more suitable for all audiences.

Therefore, for my seven day project, my goal is to share these famous stories as many storytellers have published them throughout the years, putting aside Disney’s famous sugarcoating. These blogs will be addressed to all those who are fond of fairy tales and are interested in knowing a little more about the famous stories other than the Disney versions. Not only fairytale fans, but Disney fans also might probably be interested in knowing one or two things about the fairy tales behind Walt Disney’s famous movies.

So, do you think you know the actual published versions that have been recorded of our famous fairy tales?
Do you know what really happens to Little Red Riding hood after meeting the wolf or to the Little Mermaid after meeting her prince?

I’ll let you know along the way. 😉




One thought on “Fairy Tales Minus the “Spoon Full of Sugar”

  1. I will be reviewing Demi Fuentes’ blog.
    While looking at the blog one’s attention is drawn to the tittle which if I’m not mistaken has a small typo. The tittle reads “Stop. Breath. Read.” and if I’m not mistaken I think it should be “Breathe.” Aside from this, the top of the blog could use a header image to relate to the topics that will be posted on it. The background is colourful but muted and nice. I would like to see the theme of the blog represent the fairy tails more though. I love how the widgets are placed and how they show Demi’s personality so well. I would probably recommend adding a subscribe by email widget and the follow one as well. Very nice blog and blog posts all around though.

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